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Student Government News

The Durand High School Student Government has been very busy since having a successful Homecoming in September. This year, our students helped raise funds for two Durand students and their families who have gone through a difficult time in their lives. The student government collected $250.00 for the Botos family who lost their home to a house fire and have been staying at the Comstock Inn. They recently have been renting a home in Durand until their house is rebuilt. Additionally, the students at DHS along with the Fraternal Order of Police helped raise $500.00 for a middle school student who went through major heart surgery in Ann Arbor through the selling of cut-out hearts. The students then made a giant card with the hearts and then hand delivered the card to the family’s home.



The Durand Student Government hosted the first ever student council meeting for the MMAC Student Council that meets four times throughout the year. We have 4 schools, including Durand, who was previously part of the GAC Student Council. The other schools are Byron, Mt. Morris, and New Lothrop schools. Chesaning and Ovid-Elsie attended the meeting and we have heard recently that Montrose will attend our next meeting in New Lothrop in February. We are still hoping to hear from Lakeville. The meeting’s agenda included breakfast and an ice breaker, we did Partners in Crime, in which we placed sticky notes on each student’s back and they had to find the other part of their partnership. For examples: salt had to find pepper, Bonnie had to find Clyde, Bill Clinton had to find Hillary, and so on. The students then have a breakout session with each group having a representative from each school and they talk about different topics.  Topics were: what’s special about your Homecoming, how do you celebrate holidays, what is unique about your school, how does your school show school spirit, and how does your school help in the community. The students then re-grouped and talked about what they learned from the different schools and what ideas they would like to start for their own high school. Our student government has been attending these meetings for the last 3 years since I have become student advisor and I know they have been very helpful to our own student government and have started many friendships with students from other districts. It also has shown that Durand students can become strong leaders and also gives them a chance to earn a college scholarship.            




In December, we decorated the hallways for Christmas. We continued our tradition of Ugly Sweater Day competition and dress up days for the week before our exam week. This year, student government participated in Toys for Tots and we filled the box with toys to donate, this is a tradition that we hope to continue in future years because the toys stay in the Shiawassee County area. On Friday, December 14th, we had our annual Christmas assembly featuring our vocal music program along with our band program. Student government asked staff members to perform a small skit at the assembly to entertain the high school students before the break. The assembly was enjoyed by all.